Matteo Neri

Developer - Security Analyst

I love Computer Security and Programming

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  • Matteo Neri
  • 19 November 1990
  • nmatte90 [ @ ] gmail [ . ] com
  • Italian
  • Italian (native), English

I'm a italian guy and i love Computer Security and Programming, i like Computer Science since i was young, and i'm curious of all around Security and Programming.
I'm a "fan boy" of Google, and Android, and i like new technology and startup with interesting ideas!!!
I'm a Security Analyst and professional developer
My main passions are: analysis piece of malware, identify new threats, forensics analysis of attacks, and searching security bug on web applications, or network infrastructures.
I have participated in several bug bounty programs, for important web companies ( Etsy, Facebook, Barracuda Networks..) and privates.


  • Security Analyst2015 - NOW
  • Network & System Administrator - Developer - IT Technical Support2010 - 2015
    3A Sistemi srl

    .NET Developer

    System/Network Administrator

    Security Analyst

    IT Technical support

  • Network & System Administrator - IT Technical Support 2009 - 2010
    GSI - Spring Italia

    System/Network Administrator

    IT Technical support

  • [Stage] Network & System Administrator - Developer 2007 - 2008
    3A Sistemi srl

    WEB Developer

    .NET Developer

    System/Network Administrator


  • Computer Science 2004 - 2009
    ITIS N.Baldini - Ravenna (Italy)

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Programming Skills

  • VB.NET100%
  • PHP60%
  • JAVA70%
  • C/C#/PYTHON50%
  • SQL90%

Technical Skills

  • Networking90%
  • Microsoft Windows100%
  • Linux (Debian-like)70%
  • Android90%
  • OSX and IOS70%

Security Skills

  • Malware Analysis85%
  • Reverse Engineering70%
  • Digital Forensics90%
  • Web Application Testing90%

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